Welcome to crabcyb.org. My name is Mike, and I'm a Unity game developer in London, Ontario, Canada. I've done some indie, I'm currently working with Wiggles 3D, and I'm about to release my new game as a mobile indie developer, Shape Up!

I've just set my website back up to work with free hosting with Parse. I have Bluehost as my domain registrar, and they don't offer a name server if you don't pay for hosting. I've set up a free name server with Namecheap, so now it only costs me about $12 a year (the domain cost) to host crabcyb.org on the Internet! No matter how popular this simple, almost content-free web page gets, I still only pay $1 a month, which isn't a bad deal, considering I can put any HTML up that I want, as well as any nodejs because Parse is turbo charged with a lot of nifty tools right from the start.

Expect updates. I look forward to putting my games up here, including two new never before released titles; one in flash, and one made in Unity, so the possibilities there are limitless.

For now, I'm going to name drop a bunch of links to my individual works. I hope you like them:
Venn: The Overlapping Jigsaw Puzzle (Mobile App)
Eye Know (Mobile App, PC, Facebook)
Lexigo Rush (Mobile App)
Duck and Hover (Flash Game)
RotatSpin (Flash Game)

Believe it or not, my email if you have any questions, is just a click away!