I don’t post on here nearly enough, but here I am with a new game, made by the company I’ve been working for for the past year, a wonderful board game company called Wiggles 3D!

A little while ago I was given the concept of making a game where you move tiles with curves and eyes to make smiles. I took that, and turned it into a game of my own, and we called it Smile Tiles. The graphics are made by an actual graphic designer, so this is my prettiest game for sure. I keep my pixel art close to heart inthe level design, as you’ll be able to see in the long list of level previews.

Just see it for yourself. You can download the game for iOS and for Android for free!

I made this game using Unity, which is so powerful and fun to learn; I’d recommend it to anyone making a mobile game.

I also recommend trying out the company’s other new game QuoteSlide and the game I worked on when I first joined the company, Lexigo on iOS and Android.


I didn’t sell any licenses of this game, I’m just releasing it with the GamesChart API. Not enough people like this kind of game, but it can be a puzzle figuring every level out. I am not featuring this game as a page, nor am I adding it to my slider; it’s not my best work.

The game is called Platform Maoster because of the card game Mao, where the player who wins gets to make up a rule, and doesn’t tell anyone what it is until they break it and they get a card. The constant stream of new rules can make the game rather tedious. Good luck trying to beat it, there is an end.


Welcome to crabcyb.org!

This is my website, for my flash games and other works.

My name is Mike, and I’m going to try to update this thing as much as I can. Enjoy it!